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Friday, June 29, 2012

Do You Know Who Charles Raymond Starkweather Was


Above is a collection of photos of Charles Raymond Starkweather, his gravestone, and in the one picture with him is 14 year old girlfriend Carol Ann Fugate.

Charles Starkweather murdered eleven people in a two month period of time most of it while running and hiding with his fourteen year old girlfriend Carol Ann Fugate. The couple were captured on January 29th, 1958. Starkweather was executed seventeen months later and Carol Ann Fugate served seventeen years in prison. It has been debated for years as to how much involvement Carol Ann Fugate was involved in the murders.

In 1956 eighteen year old Charles Starkweather was introduced to then thirteen year old Carol Ann Fugate. Starkweather went on to drop out of Lincoln High School and he became employed at the Western Union Newspaper Warehouse which was close to Lincoln High where Carol Ann Fugate was going. The boss of Starkweather said he was the dumbest man he ever knew.

Starkweather though taught Fugate how to drive and one day Fugate crashed his 1949 Ford into another car. Starkweather's father who was the legal owner of the car and he had to for the damages. This caused friction with Charles and his father and this caused Starkweather's father to throw him out of the house. This may have been one of the major reasons for what caused Starkweather to start his murderous crime spree.

Starkweather quit his warehouse job and worked for a time as a garbage collector. It was on the garbage route that he began to plan bank robberies though he never committed one. On the night of November 30th 1957 Starkweather committed his first murder. It was of a gas station attendant at a Lincoln Gas Station supposedly because the gas station attendant named Robert Colvert. He kidnapped the man from the gas station and took him out on a lonely country road where he killed him. It was not known until after the other murders that Starkweather was the one who killed Colvert. The Starkweather case was one of the most publized spree killings in U.S. history.

Starkweather at least with some help from his 14 year old girlfriend Carol Ann Fugate went on to kill a total of eleven people before he and Carol were captured by police. The people who were killed are.

1. Robert Colvert (21), gas station attendant

2. Marion Bartlett (57), Fugate's stepfather

3. Velda Bartlett (36), Fugate's mother

4. Betty Jean Bartlett (2), Velda and Marion Bartlett's daughter

5. August Meyer (70), Starkweather's family friend

6. Robert Jensen (17), Carol King's boyfriend

7. Carol King (16), Robert Jensen's girlfriend

8. C. Lauer Ward (47), wealthy industrialist

9. Clara Ward (46), C. Lauer Ward's wife

10. Lillian Fencl (51), Clara Ward's maid

11. Merle Collison (37), traveling salesman

Charles Starkweather and Carol Ann Fugate were both arrested on January 29th, 1958. Their was a trial and Charles Raymond Starkweather was sentenced to death. Carol Ann Fugate was sentenced to life but her sentence was commuted and she was paroled in June of 1976 after serving seventeen years in prison.

Starkweather was executed in the Nebraska State Penitentiary at 12.01 A.M. on June 25th , 1959. Starkweather is buried in Lincoln Nebraska at the Wyuka Cemetery and some of his victims buried there also. Starkweather was the first American Spree Killer. At first he told that he had forced Fugate to come along with him as a hostage but he later changed his story and said that Fugate not only participated but that she enjoyed it. The real truth will probably never be known. Fugate moved to Michigan and married in 2007. She refuses to talk about the crimes or her time with Charles Starkweather.

Monday, June 25, 2012

H.H. Holmes Was One Of Americas First Documented Serial Killers

image hosted by

Herman Webster Mudgett (May 16, 1861 – May 7, 1896), better known under the alias of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes was one of the first documented serial killers in the United States.

In Chicago at the time of the 1893 Holmes built a Hotel in Chicago that was built with one thing in mind and that was murder. He confessed to four of twenty seven murders that he was accursed of but he may have been guilty of killing 200 or more people.

He took those he killed from the 1893 Worlds Fair to his Worlds Fair Hotel where the people were killed.

Believe it or not but his hotel was a house of horrors in it's self. Rooms were set up so he could turn on gas and kill the person or persons in the room. He had a vault near his office where he would lock people in and they would suffocate to death.

He hired mostly female employees and he required them to take out life insurance policies and name him as the beneficiary. He then tortured and killed them. He had chutes built so bodies could be dropped into the basement, be boiled, stripped of flesh and then their skeletons were sold to medical schools.

And as hard as it may be to believe H.H. Holmes was a real live person and his hotel was real. Following the World's Fair with creditors closing in and the economy in a slump Holmes took off for Texas where he had inherited land.

He reappeared in Ft Worth Texas but he didn't stay around Texas to long. He didn't care for the nosy law enforcement in Texas. He continued to move around the United States until he was finally tracked to Boston from Philadelphia by Pinkerton Detectives. Holmes was returned to Philadelphia where he was thrown into jail and by now the police were investigating what Holmes had done in Chicago.

Holmes was convicted of multiple murders and on May 7th 1897 he was hanged at the Philadelphia County Prison. People who watched the execution said that Holmes didn't show any fear and was at times laughing with the people who were carrying out the execution. However when Holmes was hung he did not die at once as his neck did not snap at once and he was seen to twitch and shake for twenty minutes before he was pronounced dead.

A fire of mysterious circumstances burned down Holmes Chicago Hotel on August 19th , 1895. A U.S. Post Office is now on that location. Though only 27 bodies were found in the basement of the hotel police at the time said their was partial remains of many more people. It will never be known how many people H.H. Holmes killed but he is one of America's first documented serial killers.

Do You Know The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

The above photo is of Otis Toole who along with fellow serial killer Henry Lee Lucas may have committed hundreds of murders. It is now believed that Otis Toole is the one who killed Adam Walsh the son of the TV show America's Most Wanted, John Walsh.

In case your wondering both Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas died of natural causes in prison.

The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

The question is do you know the characteristics of a serial killer. In case your wondering we have the list for you.

1. Most wet the bed to beyond the age of 12.

2. More than 1/2 have made at least one suicide attempt.

3. More than 60 percent were involved in sadistic behavior or torturing small animals with 60 percent of the small animals being cats.

4.Over half are single white males.

5. More than 60 percent are heavily involved in pornography.

6. As children more than 70 percent were abused. Either physiologically, physically, or sexually by a family member.

7. More than half come from families with histories of alcohol or drug abuse.

8. More than 75 percent come from religious or politically conservative families. More than 80 percent of them who vote do so for the Republican party.

9. Over half have an IQ in the bright to very bright range.

10. More than 65 percent are fascinated by fire starting and pyromania.

So you now know what the characteristics of the average serial killer are. If you know or have someone in your family with three or more of those characteristics you should seek mental help for that person.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mystery Solved , We Know Who Jack The Ripper Was

Do we now know who Jack the Ripper was. It appears that we may. Recent information has come to light that suggests strongly that a man named James Kelly who had killed his wife by stabbing her in the neck before being sent to Broadmoore Criminal Lunatic Asylum in Berkshire England. James Kelly escaped from Broadmoore just before the Ripper Murders started.

Broadmoore Criminal Lunatic Asylum in Berkshire England

James Kelly killed his wife in 1883 less than a month into his marriage he argued with his wife and accused her of having an affair. He then plunged a knife into her neck and killed her. Kelly was sentenced to hang for killing his wife but his boss came forward and said that Kelly was insane. The doctors agreed and said Kelly was insane and sent him to the Broadmoore Criminal Lunatic Asylum where he fashioned a key out of a piece of metal and escaped. This was just before the ripper murders happened.

James Kelly was an upholster by trade and he did to furniture what Jack the Ripper did to women. It's believed that James Kelly showed up in London and that he killed the eleven women listed below in London during the Jack the Ripper murders.

Emma Smith

Martha Tabram

Mary Ann Nichols

Annie Chapman

Elizabeth Stride *

Catherine Eddowes *

Mary Kelly

Rose Mylett

Alice Mckenzie

Pinchin Street Torso

Frances Coles

Some people dispute some of these and say they are not all ripper murders but who really knows. * Means that this was know as the double murder event. It's believed that Jack the Ripper killed these two women on the same day because he was scared off after he killed the first one.

Police Did Suspect James Kelly

It is known from historical records that police involved in the investigation of the Ripper Murders suspected James Kelly. Police went around to the house where he had lived with his wife hunting for him but he was no where to be found. It is at about this time that it's believed that Kelly fearing the police were hot on his trail got on a ship and went New York City.

image hosted by

James Kelly Beside A Drawing Of Jack The Ripper

James Kelly is on the right and a police drawing of Jack the Ripper is on the left. It sure looks like the same man to me. And if it is then we now know that James Kelly was Jack the Ripper.

image hosted by

April 23 1891 Carrie Brown Was Murdered In A Flea Bag Motel In Manhattan on the lower east side.

Carrie Brown One Of The Ripper Victims In New York City In The Photo Above

Carrie Brown was a 56 year old prostitute when she was killed in a room in a Flea Bag Hotel on the lower east side of Manhattan on the night of April 23 , 1891. The people who had known Carrie Brown when she was alive called her, " Old Shakespeare "

On the morning of the 24th the landlord Edward Fitzgerald who doubled as a bartender and the landlord at the East River Motel went to room 31 and beat on the door to ask for another nights rent which was 25 cents if the person in the room was going to spend another night. Nothing could have prepared him for what he found in room 31 when he opened that door.

The nude body of Carrie Brown was on the bed and her throat had been cut. Her stomach had been ripped open and her intestines were thrown on the bed with her. It is said that her kidneys and heart were missing. To say the least it was a horrible mess and the long hard life of Carrie Brown was over. She had turned to prostitution to survive after her acting career failed and her husband died. It is known that women such as Carrie Brown charged 10 cents for about 10 minutes of their time in their rooms at that time.

The crime scene in Carrie Brown's room was almost exactly like the crime scene of Mary Kelly who was killed in London at 13 Millers Court in the early morning hours of November 9th 1888. Her body was also discovered when the rent man there went around to collect the rent. There it was a rent man named Thomas Boyer who made the gruesome discovery at 10.45 A.M. on the morning of November 9th 1888.

image hosted by

Photo Of The Mary Kelly Murder Scene. It's circumstantial evidence for sure but the murder scene of Carrie Brown in 1891 was eerily similar. Modern police investigators who have viewed photos of both murders say that its likely that the same person killed both women.

It is know that Mary Kelly was out in the courtyard looking for the rent man at about 8.30 A.M. on the morning of the day she was found dead by the rent man just a few hours later at 10.45 A.M. She was seen by several people being approached by a man with a large mustache, a floppy hat and a shirt and tie. She was heard to tell the man she was tired and going to bed but the man passed her some money and they both went back into her room. It was almost assuredly Jack the Ripper the people had seen and told about and if it was then it is likely that it was James Kelly. And he most likely killed Mary Kelly just a few minutes later.

During the time that it is known that James Kelly was in America murders similar to the Ripper Murders happened in every American city he visited. In Galveston Texas a pregnant young prostitute was killed in a hotel there and the crime scene was very similar to the Mary Kelly and Carrie Brown murders. If this is true then it is most likely James Kelly who committed all the murders.

In a recent History channel special about the Ripper Murders James Kelly was identified as Jack the Ripper. It seems that after all these years that the mystery of who Jack the Ripper was has been solved.

James Kelly escaped from the Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum in early 1888 before the Whitechapel Ripper Murders took place later that year. Kelly had been sentenced to be hanged for stabbing his wife of one month to death in the neck. His boss from work came forward and said he thought James Kelly was insane. Kelly was examined by doctors who agreed that Kelly was indeed insane. He was sent to the Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum where he escaped by making a piece of iron into a key and walked out the front door of Broadmoor.

Almost forty years later in 1927 James Kelly knocked on the front door of Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum and turned his self back in asking for help with his mental problems. He told officials at Broadmoor that he had been to America and all around England while he had been gone for almost forty years. James Kelly died two years later at Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum of natural causes. It is now believed that police officials in London at the time of the Whitechapel Murders had strongly suspected Kelly of being Jack the Ripper. How he did what he did and escaped justice all those years is not known.

A retired New York Cold Case detective named Ed Norris investigated the Ripper case for the Discovery Channel and he said that he was convinced that James Kelly and Jack the Ripper were one in the same person. If so then the mystery of who Jack the Ripper was has been solved. Norris went on to say that Kelly committed many murders while he was in America and that all the murders were eerily similar. Norris said he believes that James Kelly was Jack the Ripper. If so then Kelly was never tried for any of the murders either in England or the United States.

I personally believe that there is enough evidence that James Kelly would have been found guilty of being Jack the Ripper either in America or in England. I am convinced to a 99 percent certainty that James Kelly was Jack the Ripper.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BTK Serial Killer Dennis Lynn Rader

Here is the booking photo of Dennis L. Rader

You can click the title of this post or Click Here to read the complete and full story of the BTK Killer. In case you don't know BTK stood for bind, torture, and kill. Dennis Rader is credited with 10 murders.

Dennis Lynn Rader was born on March 9th 1945. He killed 10 people in and around Sedgwick County Kansas between 1974 and 1991. BTK was his infamous signature. He sent letters to local police and media outlets describing his murders and he signed them BTK which stands for bind, torture, and kill. He is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences at El Dorado Correctional Facility with the earliest possible release date of February 26th 2180.

Click Here To Read The Complete Story Of Dennis Rader

Henry Lee Lucas Confessed To 3000 Murders

Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas was born August 23 1936 and he died of natural causes in a Texas Prison on March 13, 2001. Henry Lee Lucas was convicted of eleven murders and he once admitted to over 3000 murders but many people now believe that most of the murders Lucas confessed to were false. Though it is not doubted by anyone that he was a serial killer.

Some investigators believe that Henry Lee Lucas and his partner Otis Toole may have indeed committed as many as 350 murders.

Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole. Quite possibly the two together may have killed more people than any other serial killer.

Henry Lee Lucas however did confess to many murders that he could not have committed. When many of them were committed he was in another state or in jail and could not have murdered the person or persons he admitted to killing

The Lucas Confessions And Controversy

Henry Lee Lucas was arrested on June 11th 1983 by a Texas Ranger named Phil Ryan. Initially Lucas was arrested for a firearm violation but he was soon charged with the murder of a Ringgold Texas woman 82 year old Kate Rich and also with the murder of Frieda Powell who he had been traveling with and having sex with. When he first met Powell she was Otis Toole's 12 year old niece who was a juvenile who had run away from a Juvenile Detention Facility. Lucas had a sexual relationship with Powell and he claimed she ran away with a truck driver at a truck stop but he was charged with her murder.

Lucas committed many of his later murders with his crime partner Otis Toole who was also his homosexual lover.

Lucas later claimed that when he was arrested that he was stripped naked, denied cigarettes and held in a cold cell. He said he started to confess to multiple murders to improve how he was being treated. It's interesting to note that Lucas admitted to many murders but said he couldn't take the police to the bodies. At the end of his written confession Lucas said he was not allowed to contact anyone and that he was denied access to a lawyer. When he was finally allowed a attorney the lawyer said the treatment of Lucas was inhumane and what was done to Lucas was to get him to confess to murders whether he was guilty or not. Lucas went on a short time later to admitting in open court that he killed Powell and Rich and about a hundred other women. Lucas later said if they were going to make him confess to one murder he was going to confess to everything. Lucas quickly became a celebrity criminal as he and Texas Rangers flew from state to state where Lucas admitted to more and more murders.

In November of 1983 Lucas was transferred to the Williamson County in Texas where the Lucas Task Force was soon established. While he was in Williamson County he was interviewed by the then sheriff Jim Boutwell. Boutwell is said to have played an important part in the task force as was Bob Prince of the Texas Rangers. Police eventually cleared 213 murders through the confessions of Lucas but it is now common knowledge that a lot of the information Lucas knew was fed to him by the police. Lucas later said he only confessed to the murders because of the wonderful treatment he was receiving as a celebrity serial killer. He was allowed to roam around jails and he was taken out to eat at restaurants and cafes.

Some police and media officials soon caught on to what was going on so they made up fictional murders and Lucas confessed to those also. Lucas went on to make such outlandish claims that he was a member of a cannibal cult, that he had killed Jimmy Hoffa and that he had delivered the poison to Jim Jones before the mass suicide.

Finally in 1986 The Texas Attorney Generals office put out a statement saying that police had used Lucas to clear old murders and while they believed Lucas to be a serial killer that he could not have committed many of the murders he had confessed to.

In the end Lucas was eventually found guilty of killing eleven people and he was found guilty of killing a woman known only as orange socks and he was sentenced to death for that murder. Long afterwards though it was proven that Lucas could not have committed the orange socks murder because he was some where else when the murder occurred. At that time the Attorney General of Texas said that while he didn't doubt that Lucas was a serial killer that he doubted that if even Lucas knew or remembered who he had killed or when.

Lucas' supposed confidant and fellow serial killer Ottis Toole died in prison in Florida on September 15th 1996 of cirrhosis of the liver. At the time of his death Toole was serving six life sentences. In 1998 The Texas Board Of Pardons and Parole voted to commute Lucas' death sentence to life in prison in accordance with the wishes of then Governor George W. Bush's request. It remains the only successful commutation of a death sentence since the death penalty was reinstated in Texas in 1976. Henry Lee Lucas died on March 13th 2001 of heart failure at age 64. Exactly how many people he did kill he took to his death with him.

It is now believed that Ottis Toole killed and beheaded Adam Walsh the son of America's Most Wanted. Some people claim that Lucas and Toole together may have been responsible for 350 murders while some researchers say that you can count murders committed by Lucas at around 40 and maybe as few as 15. There is no doubt however that Lucas and Toole were both serial killers.

The Huntsville Unit near downtown Huntsville Texas is where the executions are carried out in Texas. The prison here opened in 1849 and it is the most used execution chamber in the United States. 423 execution took place there between 1982 and 2008. Texas executes more people than any other state in modern times followed by the states of Florida and North Carolina.

Is Hannibal Lector A Real Person

No Hannibal Lector is not a real person. He's a character in a series of books by author Thomas Harris. The character Hannibal Lector is probably best remembered from the movie, " Silence Of The Lambs " that had Jodie Foster playing FBI agent Starling. I know the first time I watched " The Silence Of The Lambs " I did not sleep well that night or for many nights after. protagonist

Lector is introduced to the public in the 1981 thriller novel " Red Dragon " which was also written by Thomas Harris. Lector was portrayed as both a brilliant psychiatrist and a cannibalistic serial killer. A lot of people get confused and think that " Silence Of The Lambs " came first but it did not. Silence Of The Lambs was the sequel to Red Dragon.

Ted Levine as Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.

In the first two novels Lector was one of two primary antagonists but in the third novel " Hannibal " Lector becomes the main character. His role as protagonist continues into the fourth novel " Hannibal Rising " that explores his childhood and what turned him into a cannibalistic serial killer. It is revealed in that novel that his sister was killed and eaten by soldiers and Lector took part in the meal.

The character Hannibal Lector appeared in five movies. The first of which was Manhunter which was loosely based on Red Dragon. It featured Brian Cox as Lector but they inexplicably spelled his name as Lecktor in that movie. In 2002 a second adaptation of Red Dragon was made and Anthony Hopkins played Lector in it as he had also played Lector in Silence Of The Lambs. Anthony Hopkins won an academy award for playing Lector in Silence Of The Lambs in 1991. Ed Gein who was a serial killer from La Crosse Wisconsin gets the name of being the real life Hannibal Lector. If you click the title to this Blog Post or Click Here you can read all about Ed Gein. But I warn you that Ed Gein was a very real serial killer though he is dead now.

image hosted by

Above is Ed Gein who gets the name of being the real life Hannibal Lector

Click Here to read all about real life serial killer Ed Gein