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Monday, June 25, 2012

Do You Know The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

The above photo is of Otis Toole who along with fellow serial killer Henry Lee Lucas may have committed hundreds of murders. It is now believed that Otis Toole is the one who killed Adam Walsh the son of the TV show America's Most Wanted, John Walsh.

In case your wondering both Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas died of natural causes in prison.

The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

The question is do you know the characteristics of a serial killer. In case your wondering we have the list for you.

1. Most wet the bed to beyond the age of 12.

2. More than 1/2 have made at least one suicide attempt.

3. More than 60 percent were involved in sadistic behavior or torturing small animals with 60 percent of the small animals being cats.

4.Over half are single white males.

5. More than 60 percent are heavily involved in pornography.

6. As children more than 70 percent were abused. Either physiologically, physically, or sexually by a family member.

7. More than half come from families with histories of alcohol or drug abuse.

8. More than 75 percent come from religious or politically conservative families. More than 80 percent of them who vote do so for the Republican party.

9. Over half have an IQ in the bright to very bright range.

10. More than 65 percent are fascinated by fire starting and pyromania.

So you now know what the characteristics of the average serial killer are. If you know or have someone in your family with three or more of those characteristics you should seek mental help for that person.