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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Otis Toole Killed John Walsh's Son

The Hollywood Police Department now says that confessed serial killer Otis Toole who once confessed to killing the son of John Walsh but then took back the confession is the one that killed and cut the head off the boy.The boy's head which was found a few days after the murder was confirmed to be the head of Adam Walsh but the boys body was never found.

Otis Toole confessed on his death bed in prison to his niece but she was the only one that heard the confession. Toole passed away in prison in 1996.

Walsh has said that in 21 years he has helped to capture 1000 men but that he was never able to capture or help capture the murderer of his son. The case of Adam Walsh was open for twenty seven years before the Hollywood Police recently said they were now convinced that Otis Toole did indeed kidnap six year old Adam Walsh and kill him. He also cut the boy's head off and is said to have thrown the boy's body into a Florida canal full of alligators and it is likely the boy's body was eaten by alligators.

Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas are believed to have been guilty of killing around three hundred and fifty people though it was once thought to have been above a thousand.

You can Click Here and read about Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas
It is sad that the Walsh boy could never be given a proper funeral.

Otis Toole who died in prison in Florida in 1996 had twice confessed to taking six year old Adam Walsh from the Sears Store in Hollywood Florida in 1981. He said he murdered and decapitated the boy shortly after he took him and led him out of the Sears store by the hand. Parents should warn their children never to leave a store with anyone but them.